Due to the increasing miniaturization of technical systems, the demands on the functionality and quality of key components and precision parts are increasing. We help our customers to develop and manufacture complex precision components from brittle-hard materials such as glass and ceramics.

Our precision components are made for the needs of the largest photonics markets. Of course we are looking forward to further exciting use cases, which we intend to develop together with you. 

Semiconductor industry

With 5-axis machining, we enable you to implement complex geometric structures such as free form surfaces and lens arrays in a process-safe series environment. These can be positioned to existing microstructures e.g. lithographs and etching structures with the lowest tolerances. Established technologies ensure the protection of sensitive structures or coatings during the machining process.

Product examples: Vacuum Chucks, Mountfree lithographed sensor optics, Lightweight structures.

Optical components

The increasing miniaturization of complex optical systems is becoming more and more important. With our technology several manufacturing processes can be combined in a single process step. This allows 3-dimensional geometries and optically effective surfaces to be combined on one component. In this way completely new component designs are enabled, such as directly mountable and assembly-free optical components.

Product examples: Monolithically integrated aspheres, lens arrays with mounting geometries, mount-free integration of free form surfaces

Analytical & Life Science

The request for mobile applications and rapid availability of test results are constantly driving the development of analytical technology and life science. A wide variety of analytical methods for liquids and gases are increasingly relying on chemically stable microfluidic systems made of glass. For this purpose, we can realize complex microstructured channel, holes and connection systems for you, through which the smallest quantities of gases or liquids can be analyzed.

Product examples: Lab on a chip systems, microanalysis systems, microreactors, custom microscope slides.

Laser technology

Laser technologies have gained significant importance due to the rapid growth of laser applications in a wide range of industries. For example, demand for laser-based systems has increased due to the growing adoption of laser technology in the automotive and electronics industries, the increasing use of lasers in healthcare and the growing application of laser-based material processing. Key components for beam guidance and shaping made of glass or ceramics are usually required. ShapeFab develops and manufactures customer-specific precision parts and optical components of the most varied geometries within laser technology.

Product examples: Components for optical fibers, Laser gyroscope, Mountfree integration of optical elements.